Baby Head Shaping Pillow

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Color: Blue white
style: Drawstring style


This item was compressed, when you receive it, please open the package and pat it gently to get it back to its original shape.
The specially designed new style infant head support is a wonderful accompany which help prevent baby's head from slumping down or sideways when sleeping during car, pram and airplane travel.
It provides maximum protection for your baby's head and neck.
Uniquely shaped and unbelievably comfortable, the baby travel pillow can and should be used as long as it fits the child.
And it works great at keeping your baby's head and neck safely positioned.

This baby pillows for sleeping made of soft fabric and 80 % Cotton and 20% Polyester,support your baby's head and neck in ultimate comfort. It is recommended to put the laundry net or The lightest force, use neutral detergent! The combination of the head and the neck pillow, it is easy to use and can help correct the baby's head position in various locations, such as sleeping bed, car seat, stroller, baby dinning chair and son on.

Product information:

Filler: pearl cotton
Pillow fabric: pure cotton
Target audience: newborns, early childhood (3-6 years old), primary and secondary school children (6-12 years old), infancy (1-3 years old)
Pillow shape: U-shaped

Packing list:

Styling Pillow *1 set (Pillow *1, Detachable fixed column *1)

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Carmelo Steuber

Just like the photo.

Marie Rodriguez

Very good Same as the picture

Devyn Schimmel

Love it

Brad Boyle

Very good

Karolann Blick

Equal to the ad. Can buy without fear!